We are making it easier than ever for people taking PrEP to come and get a kidney check and STI screen. Should you choose to continue, you will be asked a few questions online to assess if taking PrEP is right for you. A clinician will then review your completed self-assessment and we will then contact you (usually within 3 working days) with advice on what to do next. This is usually, but not necessarily, an appointment with a nursing assistant for an STI and kidney check and collection of PrEP.

Please note that we will be unable to review any symptoms or treat any infections during this type of PrEP appointment. If you have symptoms, need treatment for an infection, are due a vaccination or want to speak to a doctor or nurse in person please book online for a face-to-face appointment in the regular clinic, where we can also top up your PrEP.

This service is unsuitable for people who get PrEP via commercial trials or who would like to start PrEP (i.e if you have never had PrEP before, or if you have had a break from PrEP)
This service is no longer available to people wishing to get PrEP from Stockport Choices Centre or Tameside Orange Rooms



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PrEP Risk and Exposure